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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored bonded fillings are color matched to the blend with the shade of your tooth enamel creating seamless results

These tooth colored fillings are 100% free from mercury and  unlike silver fillings, bonded fillings require less drilling, result in less leakage and do not contribute to tooth fractures.

If you have existing mercury laden fillings, our dentists can remove these using high volume suction and water spray to ensure that all residual amalgam is evacuated away from you. These can then be replaced with healthy, durable and environmentally friendly tooth colored fillings.

Why should I replace my silver fillings?

Esthetic concerns aside,  silver (or amalgam) fillings can present a range of negative side effects for patients:

  • The amalgam material used to create silver fillings expands and contracts in relation to temperature changes within the mouth, and in some cases this can cause your natural tooth to crack!
  • Many silver filling restorations do not form a complete seal with the natural tooth and as such decay can continue to occur beneath the filling.
  • Amalgam fillings are comprised of an alloy containing mercury, an element that presents a range of health concerns for patients.
  • The mercury content of amalgam restorations presents a concern to the environment, and as such this form of filling has been banned by environmentally conscious countries such as Sweden.

What are the benefits of tooth colored fillings?

The tooth colored fillings that we utilise in our dental practice located in Sacramento present a range of benefits to our valued patients:

  • These fillings are 100% free from mercury and as such do not present the same health and environmental concerns that traditional amalagam fillings do
  • The material used in these modern fillings does not expand and contract in relation to temperature changes in the mouth
  • This form of restoration forms a complete seal- actively preventing decay from occuring beneath the filling
  • When performing this form of restoration our dental professionals will colourmatch the filling material to the exact shade of your tooth enamel- supporting the delivery of seamless and naturally beautiful looking results.

If you are interested in exploring the option of replacing your existing silver fillings, our highly experienced team is more than happy to walk you through your various treatment options and their associated costs.

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