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Teeth Whitening Sacramento


Teeth whitening treatment from Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento is ideal for people who have healthy gums and yellowing teeth.

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are a plethora of products available from your dentist and over the counter. There are whitening toothpastes, strips, over-the-counter gels and dental prescribed whitening products that can be carried out by or purchased from your dentist.

Although some of these products can help to one degree or another, professional teeth whitening treatment is one of the most effective yet simple cosmetic dentistry treatments available. The treatment has the ability to rejuvenate the appearance of your smile in as little as a single treatment.

What causes teeth to discolor?

There are a number of different causes behind tooth discoloration. Lifestyle and consumption habits can cause the color of your smile to dull. Most commonly patients have been exposed to one or more of the following causes:

• Tobacco

Tobacco products such as cigarettes, snuff (snus), chewing tobacco, cigars and other tobacco products are known to not only discolor your teeth but lead to significant health concerns due to the carcinogens and other chemicals found in the products.

• Drinks

Beverages that contain staining agents can cause discoloration. Drinks like red wine, coffee, tea and other deep colored drinks can cause surface stains for your smile.

• Time

Age is a key contributor to the color of your teeth. The outer layer of the enamel on your teeth becomes worn with time. This tends to reveal the next layer of the tooth called the dentin that is naturally a yellowish color.

• Medications

Not all medications are harmful to the color of your teeth however certain medications can cause discoloration. This includes some antibiotics, mouth rinses and other medications.

• Trauma

If your tooth is hit hard by something or you fall and hit your mouth, your tooth can become damaged from trauma. This can cause a deep discoloration in the root of the tooth.

• Metal fillings

Some materials used by dentists to create amalgam fillings may leak over time. This can dye areas of the gum tissue and teeth grey if not restored and replaced appropriately.

What is the source of discoloration for your teeth?

Here at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento, we highly recommend getting a dental assessment with a dentist before purchasing any teeth whitening products. This is because not all of the above causes can be treated using teeth whitening treatments. There may be an underlying cause of the discoloration that could mean that your tooth has suffered trauma or your gums may be too sensitive to withstand an over the counter treatment.

Teeth Whitening Sacramento

Find out more about the different teeth whitening treatments available at Michelle Enmark, DDS by booking in a consultation with one of our friendly team members today.

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