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Sleep Apnea can damage your general health

Snoring can seem like an everyday problem; however it’s important to know that snowing can be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your health…


Sleep apnea is a serious condition which can lead to many detrimental effects on your general health. Snoring is merely a symptom and the most common signifier which should be paid thorough attention to. If you or your partner snores it is important that you monitor your own or their sleeping habits to ensure their ongoing health. Sleep apnea can lead to dental health disorders as well as others, that’s why it’s important to seek the assistance of a doctor that specializes in this area as well as your dentist at Michelle Enmark, DDS located in Sacramento.

The basics of sleep apnea…

Sleep apnea comes in mainly two forms, one being Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and the other being a rare form where the nerves that operate breathing do not respond as intended. OSA is the most common form of sleep apnea and it is caused by tissue blocking the air passage in the throat. This can be triggered by excess tissue or tissue that becomes too relaxed during sleep which causes the source of oxygen to be cut off. If you or your spouse experiences this you will notice their breathing will be more sporadic than normal and they may not breathe for up to a minute.

Oxygen during sleep is extremely important as oxygen enables correct cognitive function as well as restores the body and mind after a long day of thinking. If you fail to receive enough oxygen while you sleep you will feel fatigued the following day and more stressed than usual which can eventually take its toll on your mind leading to things such as:

  • An inability to concentrate for extended periods of time
  • Problems with cognitive development and physical growth
  • An inability to perform at school or work
  • Hostile behavior or an angry personality with a short fuse
  • Mouth-breathing 

Sleep apnea can lead to a number of problematic and detrimental conditions

Sleep apnea can cause general morbidity as well as more complex conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • High blood pressure diabetes 
  • Heart complications such as heart attacks and irregular beats
  • Strokes

These complications are extremely dire and are the reason why you need to alert a doctor immediately if you notice any signs of sleep apnea. As dentists we are interested in your general health, however our expertise lay in the mouth area which is where we will begin your treatment.

Here at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento we utilize Somnomed which is an oral sleep apnea appliance that looks much like a normal mouth guard which you might wear during a game of hockey. This guard is especially designed to correct your oral posture which can stop your tissue from blocking off your airway. All of our patients prefer this option to the much more obtrusive CPAP appliance which looks much like a gas mask and therefore can be much more difficult to sleep with.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea by a professional you will be able to consult with one of our dental professionals to ensure you get the treatment you need to be on the way to restored health.

To book a sleep apnea consultation appointment at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento please do not hesitate to contact us.


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