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The Recipe for a Perfectly Beautiful Smile

Beauty in all things is a matter of proportions, and when it comes to a beautiful smile there are a range of factors that influence its esthetic appeal…

When conducting a cosmetic smile consultation, our dentists will assess a range of factors to help develop a custom treatment plan to craft the perfectly beautiful smile that you desire. With a keen eye for esthetics and an appreciation for the meticulous detail it takes to achieve a natural looking beautiful smile, Drs. Michelle Enmark, DDS are the ideal choice for you and your unique needs.

Factors that will be taken into consideration during your smile consultation include:

1) Symmetry

Symmetrical front teeth play a large role in determining the beauty of a smile.

2) Horizontal Alignment

The bottom edges of teeth are ideally aligned along a parallel plane.

3) Smile Line

A beautiful smile line occurs when the edges of your lower teeth are parallel to that of your lower lip.

4) Gum Line

An ideal gum line should be straight and parallel to that of the upper lip line, maximizing the amount of tooth revealed when you smile.

5) Smile Width

A broad smile which reveals both the front and the back teeth is considered more esthetically pleasing and inviting than that of a narrow smile.

6) Tooth Proportions

The ideal proportions of each tooth should be a width ¾ of any given tooth’s height.

7) Lips

Your lips are the frame for your beautiful smile, and can be enhanced with the use of dermal fillers or makeup.

At our dental practice located in Sacramento, we have a range of tailored cosmetic dental treatments that can be used to craft your ideal smile including veneers, tooth whitening treatment, rapid orthodontic treatment, crowns and dental implants.

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