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Complete your adult orthodontic treatment in just four months!

Rapid Orthodontics

At Michelle Enmark, DDS located in Sacramento we offer adult patients rapid orthodontic solutions to fit their smile and their lifestyle…

With a wide range of cosmetic teeth straightening treatments at their disposal, the team at Michelle Enmark, DDS have delivered outstanding straight smiles to adult patients in just four months. We find this is particularly beneficial for adult patients who do not have the time or patience for traditional orthodontic systems.

How can we achieve results with our adult orthodontic treatments in just four months?
In contrast to the traditional approach to orthodontic treatment, our approach simply seeks to address the esthetic concerns that are revealed when you smile. By using this approach (as opposed to striving to dramatically alter your bite), our team can generate outstanding results in just a few short months. Why spend years with traditional orthodontic treatment when at Michelle Enmark, DDS it can take just four months?

Our Rapid Cosmetic Adult Orthodontic Systems include:

• Invisalign

As one of the most popular esthetically driven orthodontic treatments we offer at our dental practice located in Sacramento, Invisalign is an orthodontic system that is definitely worth your consideration. This virtually invisible and 100% removable orthodontic system utilizes a series of transparent aligners to gently guide your teeth into the desired position. This Invisalign system is a popular choice amongst celebrity performers such as Katherine Heigl and Justin Beiber as they can be removed with ease during photographs and special occasions.

• Six Month Smiles

This advanced orthodontic system targets only the teeth that are revealed when you smile, and has the power to correct minor to moderate esthetic concerns in just months!

• C-Fast

This rapid orthodontic system also addresses esthetic concerns in the smile zone, and many of our patients find that by reducing treatment times to months not years, there is a cost saving associated with these rapid treatments.

What rapid orthodontic system is the best choice for me?

At our dental practice located in Sacramento, we can walk you through the various treatment options available to find a solution that fits your smile, lifestyle and budget. Invisalign is a great choice for patients who desire the freedom to remove their orthodontic system at any moment, whilst six month smiles or the C-Fast treatment may be more appropriate for time conscious patients.

To find out more about our rapid adult orthodontic systems, or to arrange an appointment at our dental practice located in Sacramento, please contact us.

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