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Want to know how to get rid of your cold sores?

Find out how laser treatment can remove and delay the recurrence of cold sores with Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. located in Sacramento.

As we move forward through the warmer months, patients are eager to display their gorgeously sun kissed skin and flawless smiles, but what about those looming cold sores?

The exciting months of warm weather don’t need to be dampened by the appearance of cold sores. Reward yourself with a visit to Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento and have your nasty cold sore removed with a laser in as little as a single appointment. To find out more about cold sores and how we can help you get rid of them, have a read through the following article and understand what a cold sore really is, how you can reduce your chances of their occurrence and how laser treatment is an effective method of cold sore removal.

What are cold sores?

By definition, cold sores are fever blisters caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) type 1 (not to be confused for HSV-2, which is commonly called genital herpes and it blooms around the human genitalia). Since the virus never leaves the body, roughly about 8 in 10 people are infected.  There are a handful of different triggers speculated to cause a cold sore outbreak:

  • A low immune system
  • Feverish sicknesses like flus and chest infections
  • Excess sunlight or wind exposure
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Physical or emotion stress
  • Colder weather

Basically cold sores are a product of irregularities to the person’s physical and mental health.  The sores usually recur in the same place and once in full bloom, they can be pretty disheartening to the person’s overall morale, health and self-esteem.

What you can do to reduce the appearance of cold sores

To minimize the recurrence of cold sores, the following prevention methods may be able to help prevent future outbreaks:

  • Wear sunscreen: some patients who have recurrences triggered by excess exposure of sun may be able to benefit from wearing more sunscreen.
  • Talk to a professional about lysine supplements: amino acids are a fundamental component of all proteins; they promote protein production and healing. Lysine supplementation can enhance protein nutrition and boost the immune system’s response. By increasing the lysine intake when your immune system is low, you may be able to stop the cold sore from erupting.
  • Laser cold sore treatment: this treatment available at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. offers the chance for patients to prevent, remove and postpone embarrassing cold sore occurrences.

Laser cold sore treatment

With innovative laser technology used in our practice, not only can laser cold sore treatment remove existing sores but it also has the ability to actively reduce future cold sore occurrence.

Laser cold sore treatment has the ability to:

  • Eliminate the break out of cold sores if caught during the ‘tingling’ early stages
  • Reduce the appearance of the sore and any discomfort associated with the existing cold sores
  • Lessen the likelihood of future cold sore development to the area that is treated

By visiting us at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento, we are able to offer you a fast an effective method for removing stubborn cold sores, giving you the chance to properly enjoy the warmer weather without feeling self-conscious about your smile.

To find out more about our hygienic cold sore laser treatment, book a consultation with us today.


Complete your adult orthodontic treatment in just four months!

Rapid Orthodontics

At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. located in Sacramento we offer adult patients rapid orthodontic solutions to fit their smile and their lifestyle…

With a wide range of cosmetic teeth straightening treatments at their disposal, the team at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. have delivered outstanding straight smiles to adult patients in just four months. We find this is particularly beneficial for adult patients who do not have the time or patience for traditional orthodontic systems.

How can we achieve results with our adult orthodontic treatments in just four months?
In contrast to the traditional approach to orthodontic treatment, our approach simply seeks to address the esthetic concerns that are revealed when you smile. By using this approach (as opposed to striving to dramatically alter your bite), our team can generate outstanding results in just a few short months. Why spend years with traditional orthodontic treatment when at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. it can take just four months?

Our Rapid Cosmetic Adult Orthodontic Systems include:

• Invisalign

As one of the most popular esthetically driven orthodontic treatments we offer at our dental practice located in Sacramento, Invisalign is an orthodontic system that is definitely worth your consideration. This virtually invisible and 100% removable orthodontic system utilizes a series of transparent aligners to gently guide your teeth into the desired position. This Invisalign system is a popular choice amongst celebrity performers such as Katherine Heigl and Justin Beiber as they can be removed with ease during photographs and special occasions.

• Six Month Smiles

This advanced orthodontic system targets only the teeth that are revealed when you smile, and has the power to correct minor to moderate esthetic concerns in just months!

• C-Fast

This rapid orthodontic system also addresses esthetic concerns in the smile zone, and many of our patients find that by reducing treatment times to months not years, there is a cost saving associated with these rapid treatments.

What rapid orthodontic system is the best choice for me?

At our dental practice located in Sacramento, we can walk you through the various treatment options available to find a solution that fits your smile, lifestyle and budget. Invisalign is a great choice for patients who desire the freedom to remove their orthodontic system at any moment, whilst six month smiles or the C-Fast treatment may be more appropriate for time conscious patients.

To find out more about our rapid adult orthodontic systems, or to arrange an appointment at our dental practice located in Sacramento, please contact us.

The importance of dental check-ups

dentalcheckupMany patients don’t realise just how important a regular clean and oral examination can be. Good oral hygiene is not only important for your oral health but your overall health as well.

Here at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento, we place great emphasis on educating patients about good oral health and its implications to your oral and overall health. We understand what can happen when patients fail to follow a regular dental check-up schedule. In this article we explain how cavities develop and the stages in which they can worsen the longer they are left untreated.

Cavities and dental decay

A cavity is caused by the bacteria found in plaque and develops when a tooth decays and breaks down, causing a hole that can grow bigger and deeper over time. When plaque is not removed, it can cling to your teeth forming tartar that, causing the process of tooth decay. Tartar can only be removed during your dental clean with professional dental tools and equipment.

What’s more alarming about cavities, is that the damage you see on the outside is often intensified on the inside of the tooth (the dentine): what looks like a little black dot the size of a pinhead on the surface of your tooth could easily be the size of half your tooth underneath. This is because a cavity can enter the dentine through a microscopic hole in the enamel and can then spread out widely in the softer dentin. A regular dental examination can detect dental decay before it worsens and before it develops into an expensive exercise for the patient.

When a filling is required

Once a hole (cavity) has formed in the tooth, brushing, flossing, or fluoride will not stop this process. The only way to prevent and protect your decay is by removing the decay and then covering the hole with a protective material in the form of a filling.

Here at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S., we provide Tooth colored bonded fillings which are color matched to blend with the shade of your tooth enamel and creating seamless results. These tooth colored fillings are 100% free from mercury and  unlike silver fillings, bonded fillings require less drilling, result in less leakage and do not contribute to tooth fractures. If you have existing mercury laden fillings, our dentists can remove these using high volume suction and water spray to ensure that all residual amalgam is evacuated away from you. These can then be replaced with healthy, durable and environmentally friendly tooth colored fillings.

When root canal is required

The longer you leave your infected tooth untreated, the longer the bacteria has to work its way through the layers of your teeth, through the enamel and then the dentine, until it reaches the sensitivity soft tissues in the middle of your tooth, known as the dental pulp. Once the dental pulp is infected, over time the bacteria kill the pulp which is an extremely painful process for patients. When the pulp is finally dead the pain will subside but then the patient is left with rotting tissue on the inside of their tooth. Bacteria from this rotting tissue can also leak out and into the bone, causing an infected abscess in the bone. The only way to fix it is to remove the dead, rotten tissue and clean out the infected tooth through root canal therapy.

When an extraction is required

There are times when a tooth is damaged, to the point it cannot be restored, which in these circumstances, we may need to remove your tooth and replace it with a prosthetic tooth, known as dental implants. That is why it’s imperative to visit us every 6 months for a dental examination. We can detect dental decay and stop it in its tracks to prevent it from worsening and spreading to other nearby teeth.

At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento we place great importance on preventive dentistry to help you keep your natural teeth for life. If you haven’t been in to visit us within the last 6 months for your check up please contact us today to make an appointment.

To find out more about dental implants or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to call 916 922 2027 or contact us online

Know your options to achieve a whiter brighter healthier smile!

shutterstock118110229Are you looking to achieve a whiter, brighter smile to replace your discoloured chipped or cracked teeth?

Meet Dr. Monica Crooks: A cosmetic and general dentist, who is dedicated to using her talent and eye for detail to enhance the aesthetics of your smile and improve your quality of life…

If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile and your self esteem then here at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento, we have a range of cosmetic dental treatments that may be the perfect solution for you. Listed below are just a few of the cosmetic dental treatments that Dr. Crooks can utilize during a cosmetic smile enhancement.

At your initial consultation, Dr Crooks will perform a full mouth examination to assess the current condition of your teeth to determine the treatment that is best suited to your needs and overall oral health. Factors such as decay, gum disease and other oral concerns will be addressed before performing a cosmetic smile enhancement to ensure that you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile for life.

Cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile and improve your quality of life

From a single cosmetic treatment to a total smile makeover- entrust the beauty of your smile to a dentist who has a true eye for esthetics. Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

  • Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most effective, yet simplistic ways to enhance the appearance of your smile. Dr. Monica Crooks will assess the primary source of your tooth discolorations to select the most appropriate course of action during treatment.

  • Implant Dentistry

Tooth loss has an obvious and dramatic impact on the health and appearance of your smile, and one of the most effective ways to address this concern is implant dentistry.

  • Veneers

Veneer treatment has the ability to address many aesthetic concerns and is a great choice for those who are seeking a comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment.

  • Lumineers

Certified in the use of Lumineers and Dura-Thin Veneers, Dr. Crooks can help you achieve a permanently white, beautiful smile with little to no removal of sensitive tooth structure. Lumineers are a form of veneer treatment that may be an appropriate choice for some patients.

  • Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are custom designed to blend seamlessly and beautifully with your natural teeth.

  • Porcelain Bridges

This treatment can be utilized in cases of single and multiple tooth loss.

  • Dermal Fillers

Targeted dermal fillers can be used to create a beautiful frame for your smile.

A combination of these cosmetic treatments and the various others at her disposal can help Dr. Monica Crooks to create the beautiful smile that you have always desired.

A range of dental treatments for complete and comprehensive dental care

Here at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento we offer a range of dental treatments to ensure the complete and utmost in quality dental care servicing the Sacramento area. Our Egyptian styled dental practice is a world away from traditional uncomfortable unfriendly practices, designed with your absolute comfort in mind. In addition to our cosmetic procedures, we offer a range of dental treatments provided by Dr Michelle Enmark which include:

To discover more about the cosmetic smile treatments we offer, or to arrange an appointment at our dental practice located in Sacramento, please contact us.

Why it’s important to replace your missing tooth

missing tooth

Is it important to replace your missing tooth? Quite simply, it is extremely important to replace a missing tooth or teeth to avoid a domino effect of devastating issues.

When something does go wrong with a tooth, we aim to do all that is possible to restore the tooth to its original function.  Removing a tooth is the last option because we know that removal may lead to severe and costly dental and cosmetic problems if the tooth is not replaced.

With advanced state-of-the-art dental treatments and prevention options available here at At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento, we can help restore your missing teeth to regain your bright smile, your confidence and to help improve your overall health.

Let’s clarify the domino effect…

Your lost teeth should be replaced as soon as possible to support the health and integrity of not just your smile but your overall health.  Tooth loss is actually very serious and if left untreated can wreak havoc within the mouth and body. Longitudinal studies (research conducted over the years) have found a positive correlation between good oral hygiene and the condition of your overall health. When we refer to the ‘domino effect’ we mean the effect that one single tooth can have on your entire body. Your missing tooth, can first cause damage to your neighbouring teeth and then soon after your entire oral environment. When your mouth is suffering this can affect your ability to eat and speak, which can have detrimental effects on your bodily health and your self-esteem.

When a tooth is lost bacteria starts to develop within the mouth that can make the gums prone to infection. Our immune system attempts to fight against bacteria; however, if defeated, the infection and the gums become inflamed. Without dental treatment, over time the inflammation and chemicals it releases eat away at the gums and bone structure that hold teeth in place. This spread of bacteria results in a higher risk of periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, and could cause even further tooth decay and tooth loss.

Overall health issues: Diabetes & heart disease

The working relationship between diabetes and periodontitis may be the strongest of all the connections between the mouth and body.  Diabetes and periodontitis have a two-way relationship. High blood sugar provides ideal conditions for infection to grow, including gum infections. People with diabetes have trouble processing sugar because of a lack of natural insulin (the hormone that converts sugar into energy).

Though the reasons are not fully understood, there is a positive relationship between gum disease and heart disease. Up to 91% of patients with heart disease have periodontitis, compared to 66% of people without heart disease.

Among other causes, smoking, unhealthy diet and excess weight may all be associated risk factors of both conditions.

At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S., we offer a wide range of restorative dental treatments such as dental implants or bridges in order to restore your smile. Our elite dental team will be able to assess your condition and recommend which treatment is best for you.

Options for replacement of missing teeth

Implants are a great way to replace one or more missing teeth. They may also be great to support ill-fitting dentures. A dental implant is an artificial root that is surgically placed into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth. An artificial tooth is placed on the implant, giving the appearance and feel of a natural tooth. If you would like a dental solution to missing teeth that is designed for longevity and functionality, dental implants may be what you are looking for.

Bridges – A bridge is a dental restoration that is made up of several dental crowns fused together to literally ‘bridge’ the gap left by missing teeth. Bridges can be used on their own (supported by neighbouring teeth,) or attached to implants. By inserting dental implants into the main areas of tooth loss, our doctors are able to utilise his skills to accurately attach the bridgework to dental implants once the implants have fused with the jawbone.

Implant supported dentures: Many patients who have lost their natural smiles and utilise full lower dentures often have trouble with eating and talking. With no remaining teeth left to stabilise the denture, they become loose and cause much discomfort. At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento we can solve this problem by using strong, durable and stable dental implants in order to produce a solid foundation for the dentures to attach to, resulting in a functional and long-lasting smile.

To find out more about dental implants or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to call 916 922 2027 or contact us online

Six hidden benefits of good oral health

dec 6 benefits of oral health


Healthy teeth and gums are not only important in keeping your smile looking gorgeous, but in your overall health and wellbeing.

Good oral health is a critical part of maintaining the health of your entire body. A regular oral health routine at home, including brushing and flossing, can help lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, but home cleaning can miss the parts of the mouth that are hard to reach. At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento, we can help you reach optimal oral health, assisting you in maintaining good overall health. Good oral health has many benefits in other aspects of your health and wellbeing. Below are six benefits of good oral health that go beyond white teeth and good breath.

1# Reduces risk of infection and inflammation

Poor oral health has been linked to infection and inflammation in other parts of the body. Research suggests that there is a link between poor oral health and increased risk of heart disease. It is thought that gum disease from extended bacterial exposure can increase inflammation levels throughout the whole body, and inflammation is a risk factor for heart disease.

2# Preserves your memory

The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry found that adults with gingivitis performed worse on memory tests and tests of other cognitive skills than those with healthier gums and mouths. Your concentration may also improve when you aren’t distracted by aching teeth or gums.

3# Boosts self-esteem

Bad breath and unsightly teeth can be detrimental to your confidence, self-esteem and self-image. Professional teeth cleanings can remove the deposits of plaque and tartar that conventional tooth brushing can’t remove, helping to protect your long-term oral health. Our in-office whitening, porcelain veneers and dental implant can improve the appearance of your teeth, helping you regain your confidence and self-esteem.

4# Detects oral cancer before you have symptoms

On average, one American dies from oral cancer every hour. The prognosis for oral cancer is generally better the sooner it is discovered, and at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. we use state-of-the-art technology that can detect the presence of oral cancer. Our dentists use advanced velscope technology to search for oral lesions and abnormalities that could indicate the presence of oral cancer. Ensure you are taking an active approach to protecting yourself from the devastating impact of oral cancer by regularly undergoing screenings.

5# Healthier pregnancy

Good oral health is increasingly important during pregnancy.  Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can make you more susceptible to certain oral health conditions, such as periodontal disease, and as such dental hygiene visits are required more than usual. At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S., our compassionate and professional team can help you protect your oral health, while keeping your overall health and the health of your unborn child in consideration.

6# Better quality of life

Pain and discomfort associated with oral health conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease can impact negatively on your quality of life. Good oral health can help you sleep better, and chew freely, without pain. At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. we recommend you visit us for a check-up and professional clean every six months, to help you maintain optimal oral health.

Providing excellent dental treatment to the whole family

Children, adults and mature-aged patients have different oral health needs, and our dentists are experienced in providing dental treatment to people in all stages throughout their lives. Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. provide a comprehensive and compassionate approach to dentistry, and are the ideal partners to help you achieve good oral health and maintain your overall health


3 Tips for Managing your Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD)


If you are one of the 33% of the population that suffers from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) then you know the pain that can be caused from this debilitating condition.

Often those who suffer TMD are known to experience nagging headaches or migraines, difficulty chewing, facial pain, locked jaw, clicking sounds, among others, that cause discomfort to the face, neck, ears and mouth. Here at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. Cosmetic and Restorative Dentists in Sacramento California, we help our patients deal with their TMD suffering.

What exactly is TMD and why is it causing me so much pain?

 TMD is a dysfunction of the muscles used for mastication (the action of chewing and eating/opening the jaw up and down) and the temporomandibular joints (the joints which connect the mandible ‘lower jaw’ to the skull). The result of this dysfunction is pain, followed by restricted mandibular movement and often noises from the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) during jaw movement. TMD is not life threatening, but it can certainly effect the quality of life with chronic symptoms that can be difficult to manage.

1# Be aware and take it easy…

Scientific research reveals that over 50% of TMD patients treated with conservative management have few or no ongoing symptoms of TMD. Conservative treatments include:

  • Physical therapy (exercise and strengthening your jaw muscles)
  • Avoid opening your mouth any wider than needed, try not to put pressure on your muscles by opening your mouth any more then you need to
  •  Try to stay clear of hard or chewy food that will put extra pressure on your jaw

Here at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. we work with our patients to help develop a treatment plan with comfort and custom fitting oral appliances that can relieve some of the pain you may be experiencing.

2# Did you know that Botox can help relieve TMD caused pain?

Botox treatments are synonymous with cosmetic surgery and beauty therapy, but did you know that Botox can actually help relieve pain caused from TMD? Botox is an injection that essentially numbs nerve signals to certain muscles. This allows TMD sufferers to have some relief from the tension caused by the jaw. A clenching jaw is often what causes debilitating head pains. Bruxism, a disorder caused from clenching or grinding while you sleep may also induce temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which will lead to nagging headaches and other oral heath problems. At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. we also offer mouth guards for nightly wear to help fight the habit of bruxism while you’re sleeping.

It’s important to note that Botox does wear off, which means that repeat sessions are required to treat your TMD.

3# See a dental professional to assist with the best treatment for your needs…

Here at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento we ensure our patients are part of the decision making process for all treatments. We will do a full assessment of your mouth and discuss the most effective treatment for you. If you are suffering from chipped or cracked teeth, uneven jaw pain, jagged teeth or constant migraines you could be suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) and should see a professional for pain relief.

No one likes suffering through a headache or migraine, so whether our Botox treatment or our alternative non-surgical treatments are required to help ease your pain, we are committed to helping our patients deal with TMD caused discomfort. Sufferers should consider the food they consume and avoid over exerting their jaw as a conservative self-treatment to help prevent future pain. Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. are devoted to treating TMD patients and will work with you to help ease some of the pain.

Are You At Risk Of Developing Sleep Apnea?


Sleep Apnea can open the door for restless nights and breathing difficulties…

Did you know that over 18 million American adults suffer from sleep apnea? It is one of the most draining and restless disorders that interrupts sleep. It causes the affected individual to sleep restlessly, along with breathing difficulties and low blood oxygen levels. Understanding how the body obtains the maximum oxygen levels is the key to understanding proper breathing. In recent studies it has been debated whether mouth breathing or nasal breathing is better for quality breathing. At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento, we completely believe that those who breathe through their nasal passages are getting better air flow, and in turn better oxygen absorption, than those who breathe orally. We also support the idea that oral breathing raises the risk of developing sleep apnea.

Identify the risks that can heighten your chances of sleep apnea…

It is important to recognize any symptoms or conditions that could leave you open to developing sleep apnea. This is significant as this disorder has the potential to not only affect your sleep, it can also severely deplete your energy levels, mood, health and overall wellbeing. Here are a few factors that increase the likelihood of sleep apnea:

Age…sleep apnea is not secluded to age and anyone at any age can develop it, however this condition is more prevalent the older you get. This is due to the fact that as we age we lose muscle tone and elasticity which means the tissue in the throat is more likely to collapse.

Alcohol consumption…alcohol is a muscle relaxant so its effect on raising the likelihood of sleep apnea is self-explanatory, however these would more likely be isolated incidents and will depend on how inebriated you are.

Family/Medical History… if your parent/s have a history of sleep apnea your genetic makeup is more likely to inherit this disorder.

Gender…men are twice as likely to develop sleep apnea as women. This fact is unfortunate for men, and is caused by anatomical differences.

Neck Circumference…The larger your neck the less mobile it is, consequently the less mobility you have the more likely you are going to develop disorders like sleep apnea.

Obesity… obese adults are seven times more likely to develop sleep apnea than adults who are physically fit. This is due to the fact that excess weight adds pressure to the throat, which causes it to collapse and cut off the passage of oxygen.

Race… depending on your race or ancestral background, this history can influence your likelihood of developing sleep apnea

Smoking… this activity increases the risk of sleep apnea by 2.5 times compared to those who do not smoke. This is because smoking irritates the airways and causes them to swell, especially in the nose and throat. Together this restricts air flow and causes breathing difficulties.

At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento, we find that sleep apnea is usually accompanied by dental problems…

Suffering from sleep apnea? If you wake up in the morning with sore teeth, an aching jaw, a headache and the feeling that you did not get any sleep last night then there might be more to it than you initially thought. Those who suffer from sleep apnea could also be experiencing dental related problems which cause the boughs of interrupted sleep such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). TMD is an often painful and uncomfortable condition that involves decreased mobility, pain and difficulty in the movement of the mandibular (lower jaw) joint. This is often caused by bruxism (gnashing of the teeth) that commonly occurs during sleep and causes the teeth to become worn down. Bruxism can be inferred by stress, malocclusions and a variety of other factors. The fact of the matter is that the grinding of the teeth can cause sleep obstructions and often those who suffer from bruxism, and even TMD, snore and show symptoms of sleep apnea. At our practice we alleviate TMD with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) therapy and the application of oral appliances to improve the symptoms.

 For more information on breathing or sleep apnea, or to book an appointment at our Sacramento dental practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Want Teeth Straightening Treatment But want it Done Quickly?


Looking to Straighten Your Teeth in Six Months or Less?

If you’re looking to achieve an aesthetically straight smile in as little as four months, we’ve got the answer. Dr. Crooks can use a range of cosmetic teeth straightening treatments to give you rapid results. These teeth straightening treatments:

  1. C-Fast
  2. Six Month smiles
  3. Invisalign

There was a time when braces were really only used for children and teenagers. A reason for this was that the best time to straighten a person’s teeth is when they are younger. The other reason is that adults don’t want all that bulky metal in their mouth—especially when they were in business meetings. Also, conventional braces take around two years for the treatment to be completed.

Advancements In Modern Dentistry Allow For Quicker Treatment Times…

Modern technology and techniques now give dentists the ability to treat only the teeth that show when you smile, and these teeth can be moved quickly. With the help of Dr. Crooks you can have a straightened smile in as little as four months.

1.       C-Fast

C-fast is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that corrects some of the teeth in your smile zone. The smile zone is the teeth which are visible when you smile. C-Fast simply and gently corrects alignment issues and can also level and round out arches.

C-Fast consists of clear orthodontic brackets and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires. This treatment is similar to clear aligners. However, C-Fast is twice as fast as clear aligners.

2.       Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles® is a short term orthodontic treatment. Six Month Smiles® take the best of braces with a modified treatment that provides patients with a cosmetic solution that will fit your lifestyle.

Six Month Smiles®:

  • The treatment time—on average—is six months
  • Less expensive than traditional braces, veneers or aligner therapy
  • Increased comfort, hygiene and safety.

 3.       Invisalign

Invisalign are a series of almost invisible aligners that you can remove. Every couple of weeks your aligners are changed for the next set of aligners. With each new set of aligners your teeth will gradually move into the desired position.

One of the many great things about Invisalign is that you can see the outcome of your treatment before you even start. That is to say, the outcome of the treatment as long as you wear the aligners as often as you’re supposed to.

Unlike a lot of other orthodontic treatments, invisalign is removable which allows you:

  • to  eat normally: you can take your aligners out when you eat but you must brush your teeth before replacing them
  • to maintain your oral hygiene: unlike traditional fixed braces, you can remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth

Rapid Cosmetic Orthodontics for Adults

At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento we offer a range of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. If you’re looking for a quick, effective and esthetically pleasing way to straighten your teeth, talk to Dr. Crooks about which treatment would best suit your needs.

For more information on rapid adult cosmetic orthodontics, or to book an appointment at our Sacramento dental practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Botox Can Help Manage TMD Pain

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) and How Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. Can Help


Three years ago Botox was approved to treat migraines by the FDA. Since then it has become an increasingly popular way to treat migraines and, recently, alleviate TMD symptoms.
As far as treating migraines goes, Botox wears offs and so repeated treatments are necessary. This is of course how Botox works; it does require a patient to keep visiting the doctor or dentist to get the treatment.

Numerous testimonials in newspapers and articles online attest to how people rather spend money on Botox for their relief than medication. As one patient said, it was no cheaper to get the medication and Botox had the added benefit of making him look a little younger as well as be pain free. The patient went on to say that not waking in pain every month was well worth the treatment.

Treating TMD at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento…

Botox does not cure TMD. That’s just not how it works. It works only to temporarily relieve symptoms, and does not address the issue at the core.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a debilitating condition with many symptoms that can vary from patient to patient. Some of the signs and symptoms of TMD include:

  • Aching pain in and around the ear
  • Facial pain
  • Locking joint: this usually makes it harder to open and close your mouth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Discomfort while chewing 
  • Pain or tenderness of your jaw
  • Clicking sound when you open your mouth
  • Grating sensation when you open your mouth

Tailoring the Treatment to Suit Your Needs…

At Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S. in Sacramento we tailor the treatment to deal with your individual condition. As well as Botox we also offer non-invasive oral appliances.

Botox is an injection that essentially blunts nerve signals to certain muscles. For TMD sufferers Botox is able to relieve the tension from the jaw. A clenching jaw is often what causes debilitating headaches. However, Botox does wear off, which means that repeat sessions are needed.

If you are interested in our getting relief from TMD with our Botox solution, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Other Ways to Treat TMD at Crooks & Enmark, D.D.S.…

Aside from being able to relieve pain with Botox, our dentists are also offer non-invasive oral appliance therapy. Our range of non-invasive oral appliance therapy allows us to custom design a mouth guard to protect your teeth from grinding, bruxism or clenching.

Signs Of Grinding, Bruxism And Clenching…

There are a number of ways to determine grinding, clenching and bruxism:

  • Are your teeth chipped? 
  • Are they Cracked? 
  • Have you noticed excessive enamel wear? 
  • Are your teeth uneven? 
  • Do you wake up with headaches and jaw pain?

If you answer yes to one or more of these than you may be suffering from bruxism, clenching or grinding while you sleep. With our custom made night guards we can help you fight the habit.

We also custom make sport mouth guards to protect you from suffering oral trauma during contact sports.

For more information on our TMD treatment, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Sacramento, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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