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Teeth Whitening Sacramento


Teeth whitening treatment from Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento is ideal for people who have healthy gums and yellowing teeth.

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are a plethora of products available from your dentist and over the counter. There are whitening toothpastes, strips, over-the-counter gels and dental prescribed whitening products that can be carried out by or purchased from your dentist.

Although some of these products can help to one degree or another, professional teeth whitening treatment is one of the most effective yet simple cosmetic dentistry treatments available. The treatment has the ability to rejuvenate the appearance of your smile in as little as a single treatment.

What causes teeth to discolor?

There are a number of different causes behind tooth discoloration. Lifestyle and consumption habits can cause the color of your smile to dull. Most commonly patients have been exposed to one or more of the following causes:

• Tobacco

Tobacco products such as cigarettes, snuff (snus), chewing tobacco, cigars and other tobacco products are known to not only discolor your teeth but lead to significant health concerns due to the carcinogens and other chemicals found in the products.

• Drinks

Beverages that contain staining agents can cause discoloration. Drinks like red wine, coffee, tea and other deep colored drinks can cause surface stains for your smile.

• Time

Age is a key contributor to the color of your teeth. The outer layer of the enamel on your teeth becomes worn with time. This tends to reveal the next layer of the tooth called the dentin that is naturally a yellowish color.

• Medications

Not all medications are harmful to the color of your teeth however certain medications can cause discoloration. This includes some antibiotics, mouth rinses and other medications.

• Trauma

If your tooth is hit hard by something or you fall and hit your mouth, your tooth can become damaged from trauma. This can cause a deep discoloration in the root of the tooth.

• Metal fillings

Some materials used by dentists to create amalgam fillings may leak over time. This can dye areas of the gum tissue and teeth grey if not restored and replaced appropriately.

What is the source of discoloration for your teeth?

Here at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento, we highly recommend getting a dental assessment with a dentist before purchasing any teeth whitening products. This is because not all of the above causes can be treated using teeth whitening treatments. There may be an underlying cause of the discoloration that could mean that your tooth has suffered trauma or your gums may be too sensitive to withstand an over the counter treatment.

Teeth Whitening Sacramento

Find out more about the different teeth whitening treatments available at Michelle Enmark, DDS by booking in a consultation with one of our friendly team members today.

What is a dental implant? Let us explain what they are and why we recommend them.


It is normal to feel self-conscious about gaps in your smile. Fortunately, we offer a long-lasting solution to restore your smile.

If you have lost a tooth, it is vital you have it replaced to restore your oral health, and a dental implant is the next best thing to a real tooth. Missing teeth not only affects your look but also your jaw and your remaining teeth. One of the functional problems of tooth loss is that the jawbone surrounding the missing tooth will start to deteriorate due to the loss of stimulation. This can, in turn, lead to further tooth loss down the track. The deterioration of the jawbone can also result in a sunken and hollow-cheeked appearance. Other concerns include:

  • Your bite can become unbalanced
  • Reduced chewing and speech ability
  • Further gaps due to displacement of surrounding teeth

Replacing a tooth provides support for your jaw and remaining teeth. At the moment, there is no dental treatment as effective as a dental implant when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Not only does it restore the appearance of your smile, but also the function of it.

What is a dental implant?

Using biocompatible materials, we can recreate a implant-crookscomplete tooth, including its root, and make it fit seamlessly into your smile when it comes to the colour, feel and function of it. No matter your situation, dental implants are usually the most beneficial solution as they provide a permanent, endurable and comfortable tooth replacement.

There are varying sizes in the dental implant screw, varying qualities of dental crowns and varying experience and expertise levels of dental implant dentists.

It is important when considering a treatment as serious as dental implants that you opt for the best treatment option available for your personal circumstance. Dental implants are not a treatment that you can cut costs on and still get the same result.

Who Could Benefit from Dental Implants?

There is a common idea that tooth loss only affects older people but in reality, it can happen to anyone. During your initial consultation, our dentist will thoroughly examine your current oral health and the cause for your missing teeth. Some of the possible reasons as to why you can lose a tooth include:

  • Facial trauma
  • Gum disease
  • Lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Smoking
  • Severe dental decay

If you suffer from missing teeth, a dental implant might be the right option for you. Dental implants, when placed and cared for properly, can last a lifetime. Dr. Crooks has experience in more complex cases and are able to customize treatment to your specific needs.

Find out how Dr. Michelle Enmark can help restore your smile by contacting her practice today.

Cosmetic Dentist Sacramento

Cosmetic Dentist Sacramento

Dr. Michelle Enmark and Dr. Michelle Enmark practice Cosmetic Dentistry at their Sacramento practice.

Creating beautiful smiles that are designed to last

We focus our initial efforts on helping the patient reach a point where their oral health is stable and strong before undergoing the most complex cosmetic treatments because the beautiful smiles our cosmetic dentists design are built to last.

How do you want your smile to look and feel?

Your comprehensive examination will involve assessing your smile in terms of what you want to achieve and how to create that for you. To design a treatment strategy for you, we will also take note of your unique facial contours and the shape, length and shades of your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will create a bespoke smile makeover plan tailored specifically to suit your personal preferences in order to create the perfect smile for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Sacramento CA

What type of cosmetic dentistry treatment would you like to know more about? Here at Crooks & Enmark D.D.S we offer a plethora of cosmetic dentistry treatments to suit just about every smile. Peruse the following cosmetic dentistry treatments for more information.

Porcelain veneers

As both an artist and a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michelle Enmark takes great pride in designing flawless veneers for patients.  She has used her artistic flair and skilled techniques for the placement of over 2000 porcelain veneers. Dr. Crooks has Lumineers and Dura-Thin veneers available and will assess your suitability and discuss with you the difference between the treatments prior to your treatment appointment.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are custom designed to suit the smile of the patient. Dr Crooks is certified and experienced in the placement of both treatments. With veneers, you can achieve a permanently white, beautifully shaped smile. Both treatments require little to no removal of the tooth’s structure.

Orthodontics: Invisalign and Six Month Smiles

At Crooks & Enmark D.D.S. we offer revolutionary orthodontic treatments for our patients that are suitable for adults.


Invisalign uses a series of aligner trays to straighten the teeth over time. The trays are all custom-made to suit the unique smile of the patient. The treatment is removable, virtually invisible and generally more comfortable in comparison to some alternative treatments.

Take a look at the Invisalign website here to see some actual patient before and after images.

6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles is a rapid orthodontic treatment that can straighten your teeth in as little as 4-6 months. The treatment utilizes an innovative technique to gently glide the teeth into place in a short amount of time.

Are you suitable for Invisalign or 6 Month Smiles?

For both of these adult orthodontic treatments you will need to undergo an initial assessment to ensure your cosmetic concern can be resolved appropriately using either of these treatments. For patients who exhibit more severe cases, a different treatment may be more appropriate.

Teeth whitening

For teeth whitening treatment from a Sacramento cosmetic dentist, Crooks & Enmark D.D.S. offer in-office teeth whitening. Find out more about in-office teeth whitening from our cosmetic dentists by following the link below:

Cosmetic Dentistry Sacramento CA

There are a number of other treatments that we can provide for you as cosmetic dentists. Treatments like dental implants, crowns, bridges, tooth colored fillings, laser hygiene therapy, cold sore treatment, and more are all available to you at Crooks & Enmark D.D.S.

Book a consultation with our cosmetic dentist Dr. Michelle Enmark or Dr. Michelle Enmark for a consultation and oral assessment today.

Are you looking for a dentist in Sacramento?

dentist Sacramento ca

Get acquainted with Dr. Michelle Enmark and Dr. Michelle Enmark at Michelle Enmark, DDS – your local Sacramento dentists.

Our fantastic team of dentists and supporting staff have helped to mold our practice into what it is today. Find out about our dentists and the treatments they offer to provide our local Sacramento community with excellence in dentistry.

Get to know your Sacramento dentists

All of our dentists here at Michelle Enmark, DDS take special care to keep up to date with all the latest dental training and education available. This provides them with the tools to ensure their patients have access to treatments that are not only effective but more time efficient than past treatment alternatives.

Meet Dr Michelle Enmark

meet-dr-monica-crooksSince earning her Doctor of Dental Surgery at UCLA School of Dentistry, Dr. Crooks has completed a General Practice Residency through USAF at David Grant Medical Center and served for 5 years in the Air Force as a Dental Officer. Dr. Crooks is also a Graduate of the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies and has a certification in Laser Dental Technology.

Dr. Crooks takes special care to ensure all patients (especially the young patients) are given all the time they need to feel comfortable about their appointment. Dr. Crooks is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Find out the different dental treatment options available from Dr. Crooks

Meet Dr. Michelle Enmarkmeet-dr-michelle-enmark

Dr. Enmark graduated from the UCSF Dental School in 1991 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dr. Enmark has continued her education in the industry in her time since graduating. She has studied numerous courses in the fields of technology, laser dentistry, and the use of injectables for treatment of TMJ disorder (TMD) and other health concerns.

Dr. Enmark is committed to provide gentle dentistry. By remaining abreast of the latest industry changes, she is able to provide comprehensive dental care to patients from all over Sacramento and surrounding suburbs.

Find out the different dental treatment options available from Dr. Enmark

Dentist Sacramento

Are you looking for a dentist in Sacramento? Book a consultation at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento, CA and meet a dentist that cares about you and the beauty of your smile.

Improve the appearance of your smile


Michelle Enmark, DDS offer cosmetic treatments to improve your smile

Are you embarrassed about your smile?

Do you find yourself covering your teeth when you laugh?

Are you shying away from the camera?

Restoring and improving the appearance of your smile has never been easier with Michelle Enmark, DDS’s range of cosmetic dental treatments.

With the advances in today’s dentistry, receiving a beautiful, natural-looking smile has never been easier. With treatments from teeth whitening to six months smiles our team of dentists have you covered.

How to receive the best in cosmetic dentistry

In order to achieve the best results you need to visit a dentist, as only a dentist is qualified to assess the health of your teeth and gums.

By assessing your oral health one of our dentists can determine which treatment is best for you. For example some patients come in requesting teeth whitening because of a few bad teeth. On examination, one of our dentists may find the cause of discoloration is decay.

In this case if the cause is decay you may require either a filling or root canal therapy. If you do require root canal therapy then you may also need a dental crown on the tooth to protect it. At Michelle Enmark, DDS we use porcelain crowns so they blend in seamlessly with the shade and color of your natural teeth.

Whiter teeth: tooth whitening or veneers?

If you do want tooth whitening you have three options: teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental crowns.

While dental crowns are more often than not used for restorative purposes, they are—more and more—being seen as one of the best ways to improve the appearance of tooth as well as provide it with strength and support.

The most popular cosmetic dental treatment

Tooth whitening is by far the most popular cosmetic treatment available. This treatment can visibly whiten your smile in just one, one hour appointment. Often you’ll notice your teeth will be 8 to 10 shades lighter. And in order to help you maintain the appearance of your smile we will provide you with a touch-up kit. This will help you maintain your whiter smile for up to a year.

When should I have porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are effective for teeth with minor chips, cracks and imperfections. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain bonded to the front of your teeth. The porcelain is color matched to your natural teeth.

Sometimes in order to provide patients with a healthy, natural-looking smile we may recommend teeth whitening with porcelain veneers. The reason being: if you have a few teeth with porcelain veneers and you decide later to have your teeth whitened, it won’t affect your veneers.

So if you want veneers placed but are not happy with your teeth, we would recommend a teeth whitening treatment. That way your porcelain veneers—which are stain resistant—will stay white and then you only need to look after your natural teeth.

If you would like to know more about how Michelle Enmark, DDS can help you, or to book an appointment, please contact us today.

Enhancing your natural smile


With cosmetic dentistry we can provide you with a more amazing smile

Is your smile looking a little lacklustre? Is there something you’d like to change but aren’t sure what you can do?

If you don’t show your teeth when you smile because you are embarrassed by the appearance of your teeth, Michelle Enmark, DDS can help.

Whether you are looking to achieve that Hollywood white smile or you just to want to enhance what you’ve already got our range of cosmetic dental treatments are tailored to suit you and your oral health.

From whitening to dental veneers and crowns, enhancing your natural smile has never been easier. If you smile is dull and stained, teeth whitening or porcelain veneers are a great, minimally-invasive way of brightening your smile. If your teeth are chipped or cracked, again porcelain veneers are a great option. However, if the chips or cracks are functional rather than aesthetic, dental crowns will not only strengthen and protect your teeth but will also blend in with the rest for teeth.

Show your teeth when you smile

A toothy smile is considered a confident smile. And wouldn’t you rather feel more confident to smile wide rather than consciously cover your teeth when your smile or laugh? Because covering your smile when you laugh only draws attention to your teeth.

Draw attention to your smile for the right reasons

With cosmetic dentistry from Michelle Enmark, DDS you will receive quality treatment to brighten and enhance your natural smile.

Some of the treatments we offer to enhance the appearance of your smile include:

Teeth whitening

This in-office treatment takes around one hour and can brighten your teeth up to 8 to 10 shades. With the proper at-home oral hygiene routine and a touch-up kit we will provide you, you can maintain these results for up to 9 months.

Dental veneers

At our Sacramento dental practice we offer porcelain veneers and lumineers. These are thin shells of either porcelain or a composite resin material bonded to the front of your teeth to brighten, as well as conceal chips and cracks. Depending on your at-home oral hygiene routine and how well you look after the veneers, they can last up to 5 years.

Porcelain crowns

Originally dental crowns were only used when a tooth needed to be strengthened and protected. This was because they are made from metal or gold. Now that porcelain is used, crowns have become a popular cosmetic treatment because they look and feel just like a natural tooth.

These are just some of the cosmetic dental treatments we offer at our dental practice in Sacramento. If there is something you would like to change about your smile, but aren’t sure what the best options for you are, give us a call.

During your initial consultation we assess your oral health as well as listen to your needs and expectations of treatment. Our friendly team have found that part of any successful treatment is providing patients with realistic expectations of what treatments can achieve.

If you would like to know more about how Michelle Enmark, DDS can help you, or to book an appointment at our Sacremento dental practice, please contact us today.

Restoring your smile with porcelain restorations

Are you looking for a way to restore the function of your smile without affecting the appearance of your smile?

Restoring your smile with porcelain restorations

In the past if you wanted a filling it was made from amalgam and required significant amounts of heathy tooth structure to be removed. They also came with a risk of cracking your tooth—because amalgam expands and contracts with varying temperature—and decay could form beneath the amalgam filling.

Now, with modern dentistry it is now easier than ever to provide restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth.

Amalgam fillings have been replaced with composite fillings. While composite, or white, fillings may not last as long as amalgam fillings, they are a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing restoration because:

  • Where amalgam required healthy tooth structure to be removed, composite fillings only require your dentist to remove the decay.
  • Where amalgam presented the potential risk of cracking your tooth, composite fillings don not.
  • Where amalgam fillings did not completely fill the decayed tooth, composite material fills the tooth minimising the chance of decay

Porcelain dental crowns

When it comes to protecting a damaged tooth, dental crowns are often the best option. Depending on which tooth needs a dental crown, Michelle Enmark, DDS offer porcelain crowns. These are matched to the shade and color of your teeth so they blend in. The dental crown acts as cap that goes over the damaged tooth providing protection and preventing further harm.

If the tooth that needs a dental crown is one of your molars, an all-porcelain crown will not be a viable option because of the pressure exerted on your back teeth. In this case a metal or gold crown with a porcelain coating is the best option. This way you still have the aesthetics of a porcelain crown with the strength, durability and functionality of a metal crown.

Porcelain veneers

At Michelle Enmark, DDS we offer a variety of porcelain restorations to provide patients with an aesthetically pleasing smile. One of those treatments is porcelain veneers. These are thin shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth, and are perfect for concealing minor chips and imperfections as well as discoloration. Porcelain veneers take two appointments to place, are stain resistant and are color-matched to your natural teeth.

Porcelain restorations and tooth whitening

Before undergoing restorative dental work we strongly recommend you consider the color of your natural teeth. We say this because tooth whitening treatments have no effect on porcelain restorations. So if you decide later down the track you want to get your teeth whitened it is going to look awkward.

When you visit Michelle Enmark, DDS one of our friendly dentists will assess your oral health and determine what the best form of treatment for you is. To find out more about how we can help you, or to book an appointment, please contact us today.

When are you too old for braces?


“When are you too old for braces?” is a question that we get all too often – and the answer is never!

Here at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento we are passionate about helping out patients regardless of what age they are. We know that a straight and white smile is a powerful asset if you’re 16 or 50 and anywhere in between, which is why we’re proud to offer adult orthodontics as one of our many treatments.

Are there problems with adults getting braces or orthodontics?

You can get orthodontics at any age. In fact, there are specific treatments such as Invisalign created especially for adults. There are some factors you need to consider if you are an adult wanting braces.

Treatment may take longer

The older you are the longer your teeth have been in place and the stronger the relationship between your jaw and teeth will be. This can increase the length of time it takes to straighten your teeth. You may also experience slightly more discomfort with traditional braces when your brackets are tightened. This will not be a big difference compared to younger patients and generally this subsides two days after your braces are tightened.

Traditional braces may not be the best for you

Traditional metal braces generally do not agree with the lifestyle of adults and are usually not the preferred treatment. This is why Michelle Enmark, DDS have invested in high quality adult treatments that are also lifestyle friendly.

Metal braces tend to make adults look a little juvenile and they can also get in the way of professional business meetings, not to mention dates! We understand your gripes with metal braces which is why we offer the modern treatment called Six Month Smiles.

What are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles are a type of orthodontic treatment that utilises clear braces to straighten your smile rapidly. It is perfect for busy professionals that want to straighten their teeth quickly without impacting their daily lifestyle too much.

In most cases you will only have to wait six months to achieve the smile that you want, and some of our patients even choose a whitening procedure at the end of their treatment for a total smile transformation.

How do I take care of my teeth with braces?

Whether you’re having Six Month Smiles as a revisional treatment or if it’s the first time you’re having braces it’s important you know how to keep your teeth healthy.

It’s important that you brush your teeth very thoroughly while you have braces as you may get “tan lines” on your teeth if you don’t brush properly. It’s also important that you floss between your brackets to get rid of all food debris. Doing both of these things will ensure that you don’t get food stuck in your braces and that you have good breath during your treatment.

How is Six Month Smiles different to normal braces?

Six Month Smiles are specifically designed to straighten your teeth rather than address problems like overbites, crossbites etc. This is how this clear braces option can straighten your smile so rapidly.

For more information on Six Month Smiles in Sacramento please contact us.

What Minimally Invasive Dentistry Means to You

What Minimally Invasive Dentistry Means to You

In comparison to regular dental treatments, minimally invasive dentistry aims to rebuild the smile without losing too much of the natural structure.

Here at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento, Dr Michelle Enmark focuses the majority of her out-of-office energy on artistry, design and creation – essentially providing her with a few of the fundamental tools and skills needed for practicing minimally invasive dental care.

The following article explains some of more general questions that patients ask about minimally invasive dentistry.

What’s the difference between regular dental treatments and minimally invasive treatment?

When comparing regular dentistry with minimally invasive dentistry (MID), it is generally said that MID is more focused on preventing further damage and then restoring the tooth, whereas regular dentistry is more focused just simply restoring the tooth.

Often times in regular dental treatments, the practitioner may remove more of the tooth’s structure than necessary which means the tooth will require a greater restoration.

Rather than further damaging the tooth structure, minimally invasive dentistry uses precision and skill to remove only the decay and debris from the tooth so the tooth has a greater chance of being restored without needing a crown.

Why would a crown not always be the best restoration option?

Although crowns provide a sturdy restoration for teeth that have suffered severe decay, they may not always be necessary. When a tooth is prepared for a crown, it requires the loss of most of the tooth’s external structure. This is why the restoration is called a crown – because it literally replaces the entire crown on a tooth.

Depending on the extent of damage that the tooth has suffered, by undergoing minimally invasive treatment, it may be possible to restore the tooth using an inlay or an onlay. These are restorations that are used when the tooth is damaged beyond the repair of a filling but are not necessarily as damaged enough to require a crown.

So how does the treatment work?

Each treatment is different from patient to patient but mainly MID has two main focuses:

1.       Prevention

MID primarily works to find the main cause behind the tooth’s damage first. This way Dr. Crooks can ensure a similar problem will not likely occur in the future. After the problem is isolated, the affected area will be carefully treated without causing excess damage to the tooth’s structure.

2.       Remineralisation

After the affected area is treated, Dr. Crooks will develop the best and minimally invasive method possible for restoring the tooth to full functionality and appearance.

Each individual case differs from patient to patient. To find out more about minimally invasive dentistry and how Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento can help restore your smile without overly damaging the tooth’s natural structure, book a consultation with us today.


Do you have grinding problems or enjoy participating in sports?

Find out how our custom fitted night guards and sports guards from Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento can help you resolve and protect your smile.

Keep your smile safe from grinding or sports with a mouth guard.

There are a handful of different reasons a dentist may prescribe an oral appliance for a patient. The most obvious kind would be a sports guard. These are used to protect the teeth from trauma and also to protect other players from your teeth!  A less obvious use for a mouth guard would be to protect your teeth from grinding. The following article discusses sports guards and their uses and also grinding problems and how a night guard could give you a resolution to your accidental grinding problems.

Sports guards

Dental emergencies from loss of teeth during sports can easily be avoided by following just one simple step – visit your dentist first. Here at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento we treat all kinds of dental emergencies.

Protect yourself and those around Have you been following the FIFA world cup in Brazil? Here is a classic case of where a sports guard could have come in handy. Receiving a ban that spans far beyond a simple slap on the wrist, there is no doubt that Suarez could have greatly benefitted from a mouth guard on that day! you with a sports guard

Have you been following the FIFA world cup in Brazil? Here is a classic case of where a sports guard could have come in handy. Receiving a ban that spans far beyond a simple slap on the wrist, there is no doubt that Suarez could have greatly benefitted from a mouth guard on that day!

In all seriousness though, a mouth guard has multiple benefits for the wearer. They can protect you, those around you and also assist your performance (in a legal way).

Sports guards protect you from:

  • Mouth injuries
  • lips and tongue injuries
  • teeth from becoming cracked or chipped
  • teeth from breakage
  • nerve damage to the tooth
  • tooth loss

They protect others from:

  • Your teeth!

They enhance your performance by:

  • Improving your balance
  • Protecting you against concussion
  • Assist your oxygen intake

Protect your smile against oral trauma during high impact and contact activities with a sports guard from Michelle Enmark, DDS As one of the leading causes of tooth loss and oral trauma amongst adults and adolescents, your sports guard should be a higher priority.

Night guards

Do you wake up with headaches in the morning or an aching jaw?

You may be suffering from night grinding. Night grinding, also known as bruxism, is the result of clenching the jaw and is generally an action that occurs during sleep. Because the majority of the grinding problem occurs through the night, you may not know you are doing it.

Symptoms of bruxism:

  • Cracked, chipped teeth
  • Hypersensitive teeth
  • Aching jaw muscles
  • Headaches

Your grinding problems may only cause minimal symptoms so it’s important you attend regular check-ups with our dental professionals so we can keep track of your oral and mental health.

How we can help you with your grinding problems

Here at Michelle Enmark, DDS we are able to custom design a night guard specifically tailored to suit your teeth and jaw. This will act as a barrier to stop your teeth from touching until we locate the underlying problem that is causing you to grind.

Oftentimes bruxism is related to stress and anxiety so by finding the underlying issue we may be able to assist you not only with a night guard and restoration methods but also with future prevention of your condition.

To find out more about sports guards and night guards available at Michelle Enmark, DDS in Sacramento, book a consultation with us today. 

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