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Kids Dental Sacramento CA

Are you looking for a family dentist who will provide a comfortable and fun environment for your children?

Our dental professionals are trained to take extra time and care with our young patients. At Crooks & Enmark D.D.S we aim to make dental visits as fun and enjoyable as possible for your children.

Visiting the Crooks & Enmark practice

Our practice is designed in an amazing Egyptian theme which is far more inviting and comfortable for children than a regular, sterile dental practice. We also have a team of bubbly and energetic staff who love kids and enjoy treating them.

Establishing a foundation of good oral health

It is extremely important that children learn healthy dental habits early on. The team at Crooks & Enmark D.D.S will be able to walk both you and your children through some tips for maintaining good brushing techniques, as well as healthy dietary advice to take care of their teeth. We will also be able to provide you with helpful literature and fun activities so you can continue learning about oral health at home with your child.

Preparing your child for their dental check-up

We recommend bringing in your child for a check-up 6 months after the eruption of their first tooth or before their 2nd birthday. This will allow us to monitor the growth of their teeth and general oral health from an early age. It will also mean your chid will be familiar with active maintenance throughout their early years.

It is always our aim to provide gentle dental care for all of our patients in a comfortable and fun environment. For any new experiences (including a visit to Crooks & Enmark D.D.S) children benefit from their parent’s positive attitude. You should always remain calm when talking with your child about the dentist, even if you are fearful yourself. Reading a book or playing some games about the dentist will help your child become more familiar with the process.

Family dentistry treatments

A general check-up for a child will include an overall assessment of oral health and well as guidance on how to improve any issues to do with maintenance techniques or diet. We will looks for any signs of decay present in any of the teeth and make sure teeth are growing into position properly.

In the event of finding decay, we offer discreet tooth coloured restorations for all our patients, including children.

Friendly kids dental care Sacramento CA

If you are looking for a children’s dentist who is friendly and gentle, please contact Crooks & Enmark D.D.S to make an appointment.

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