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Dr. Michelle Enmark

Meet Dr. Michelle Enmark

Comprehensive dental care delivered with a meticulous eye and feather light touch, Dr. Michelle Enmark is a great choice for you and your family members!

Dr. Enmark’s range of dental services includes:

Meet Dr. Enmark

Attaining a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the UCSF Dental School in 1991, Dr. Enmark provides complete comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages

meet-dr-michelle-enmarkIn addition to taking numerous continuing education courses to further her knowledge and stay informed of new technology, she is also a certified Nutritionist, and a candidate for Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition. Please visit her nutrition practice’s website,www.abitarehealth.com to learn more.

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Working diligently within the practice over 24 years, Dr. Enmark is committed to her patients’ health and wellness.

When she is not caring for her patients, Michelle is spending time with her family. Happily married to Matt with two children, Madeline and Andrew; Michelle also enjoys fitness activities and traveling.

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