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Achieve optimal oral health with the help of our highly experienced hygienists

Regular dental hygiene visits and good home care practices are essential in maintaining optimum oral health. Establishing regular appointments reinforces your home care and helps us detect any problems in their early stages.

Why would I need a professional teeth cleaning?

While maintaining a good oral health routine at home does help lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, sometimes there are places in the mouth that are harder to reach. If plaque is left on the teeth and hardens into calculus, no amount of brushing will remove it. Professional teeth cleanings are used to remove the hardened deposits of plaque and tartar that cannot be removed by conventional tooth brushing alone. These cleanings help protect your long term oral health, prevent the development of dental decay and can help remove discolorations from your smile.

As a general rule, we recommend that patients visit our practice every six months for a regular check-up and professional clean. That said, each individual has different oral concerns and as such we design your preventive dental plan in response to your unique needs. There are certain stages of life when dental hygiene visits are required more than usual:

  1. Pregnancy is a time when your oral health needs may change. The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can place women at risk of certain oral diseases such as periodontal disease. At Michelle Enmark, DDS our Dentists and Auxillary team are here to provide support and care throughout your pregnancy. Our team can guide you through the various preventative measures that can be taken to protect your oral health throughout pregnancy, all whilst keeping the health of you and your unborn child into consideration.
  2. Aging can also place patients at an increased risk of oral diseases, and these include but are not limited to periodontal disease, dry mouth and oral cancer. Our dentists may recommend that you visit our practice more frequently for check-ups as you reach a mature age.

During these dental hygiene visits our dental professionals can coach you on best practice at home dental hygiene techniques to help support the maintenance of optimal oral health between your visits to our practice located in Sacramento.

The gum and bone tissue of the mouth are the foundation of oral health…

You cannot build a house without a solid foundation; in the same way you cannot build a beautiful smile without healthy, supportive bone and gum tissue. Our exceptional hygiene team uses a comprehensive range of hygiene therapies including:

  • Conventional scaling and root planing to remove calcified tartar deposits from the teeth
  • Coronal polishing to remove surface stains
  • Fluoride is then used to remineralize teeth and destroy any bacteria present
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