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Adult Braces Sacramento

Achieve an esthetically straight smile in as little as four months with the proficiency of Dr. Crooks on your side!

Dr. Crooks can utilize a range of cosmetic teeth straightening treatments to achieve rapid results for her adult orthodontic patients. This is particularly beneficial for adult patients who do not have the time or the patience for traditional orthodontic systems.

Unlike the traditional approach to orthodontic treatment, rapid cosmetic adult orthodontic treatment seeks to simply address the esthetic concerns that are revealed when you smile.

By utilizing this approach and not seeking to dramatically alter your bite, Dr. Monica Crooks can generate esthetically appealing results in a matter of months as opposed to years with traditional orthodontic treatment.

Rapid Braces and Invisalign

Dr. Monica Crooks offers a range of Rapid Cosmetic Adult Orthodontic Systems to cater to the diverse needs of her valued patients. Dr Monica Crooks’ Rapid Adult Orthodontic Systems include:


This lifestyle friendly orthodontic system takes a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment, and utilizes a series of transparent aligners to gently guide teeth into an appropriate position. Invisalign has been a popular choice amongst many well known celebrities due to the fact that it can be removed when eating, during photographs and for special occasions.

This orthodontic treatment may be a great choice for those who are concerned about maintaining their regular oral hygiene during treatment, as it can simply be removed when brushing or flossing is required.

Six Month Smiles

By targeting the teeth that are revealed when you smile, the Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment system can address minor to moderate esthetic concerns in a matter of months. If you feel embarrassed when you smile or shy away from photographs due to your teeth then our Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment may be worth your consideration.


The C-Fast treatment that Dr. Monica Crooks provides is another rapid orthodontic system that can address esthetic concerns in the smile zone. By reducing treatment times we typically find that these rapid orthodontic systems are also more cost effective in comparison to traditional orthodontic systems.

A beautifully straight smile can benefit your personal and professional life, and with the help of Dr. Crooks you can straighten yours in as little as four months. Dr. Crooks can walk you through the various Rapid Cosmetic Adult Orthodontic treatment options she offers to discover the most appropriate choice for your smile, lifestyle and budget.

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